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Covid 19 safety and policy



Corona Virus - Covid 19 Update

Following guidance from national health agencies and the World Health Organization, Corfu Car Rental has implemented new procedures designed to minimise risk in its cars, premises and shuttle buses.

Those procedures include:

A strict limit on staff numbers in any location
A full set of rules about social distancing
Frequent hand washing
Frequent disinfecting of the surfaces that people touch, including counters, phones, tablets, payment devices and door handles throughout the premises
Minimising interaction with customers
Recommending/requiring all staff to wear face masks, in line with local government policy
One-way flows and limits on passenger numbers on the company’s shuttle buses
Use of disinfectants in the cleaning and sanitisation of all ‘high-touch areas’ on those buses: baggage racks, door handles, seat backs, etc.
Many office staff are working from home – and all staff are well aware of the need to stay home if they’re feeling ill.

Plus we offer:

-No cancellation fees.

-We force a minimum 12hours (1/2 day) gap between each rental.

-We reduce the paperwork time.

-Free change on booking dates.

-Our cleaning teams wear gloves throughout their work.

-We have implemented social distancing and a “no hand-shake” policy.

-We accept all credit and debit card payments.

-Specific guidelines have been issued by the company’s management to all employees involved in the process of vehicle delivery and collection for prevention and protection against Coronavirus based on the relevant authorities’ directions.

-All of our branches are equipped with antibacterial materials (wipes, gel) which will be available for all customers.

Safety in the car
Sunrise staff have always followed a formal training programme, but the company knows that in today’s environment, cleanliness is even more critical. After every rental, every car is thoroughly cleaned: vacuumed, wiped down and sanitised with disinfectant.

They’re particularly careful to disinfect the ‘high-touch points’ in each car: steering wheel, seat belts, door handles, dashboard, gearstick, etc. (see below).

And if they think a car might have been exposed to the virus, Corfu Car Rental have measures in place to isolate and quarantine it immediately.

-In the event of a coronavirus affected client or employee involved in the day to day vehicle procedures and operations, the company has set up a process for immediate disinfection of the vehicle and facility, as well as proceeding with the relevant medical inspection of all employees that have been involved in the renting procedure.

In addition, a Crisis Management plan has been organised in the event of a Coronavirus incident in the Company's Head Offices and branches.

It is also noted that any information with regards to possible incidents of Coronavirus are solely handled by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO) and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection (GSCP).


FAQs regarding my reservation


-What happens if I am required to self-isolate or I am quarantined following relevant authorities’ orders and cannot return a vehicle?

If this happens, please contact the location and avoid contact with the vehicle and the keys. We will arrange to collect the vehicle from a nominated address.

-What if I have contracted the virus and in possession of a Corfu car rental vehicle?

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you please notify the location that you picked-up the car, as soon as possible.


Regarding the cleanliness & hygiene of your cars

-Are you cleaning your cars any differently? Have any of your operational protocols changed?

The Company follows thorough cleaning procedures for each vehicle after every rental. Specific guidelines have been issued by the company’s management to all employees involved in the process of vehicle delivery and collection for prevention and protection against coronavirus based on the relevant authorities’ directions.

-How are cars cleaned if a renter is a confirmed or suspected of having COVID-19?

We have implemented new cleaning protocols that include removing the vehicle from circulation and disinfecting through a third party in the case where a customer is suspected or known to have COVID-19.

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