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Faq questions


General questions

-How can I make the reservation?
The reservation can be done through our online system, by e-mail, telephone or fax. No deposits or open credit cards are taken.

-What is included in basic price?
Delivery and collection any place, any time. Free 2nd driver. Unlimited mileage. Insurance and 24 hours road service. Map of the island. Free baby and booster seats.


-How and can l pay?
You can pay cash money on pick up or by credit/debit card(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Discover, UnionPay and Diners).


-Do I need a credit card?
No, credit card is not needed.
No deposit or open cards are taken.


-Can I have G.P.S(navigation system)?
Yes, there is a choice in the reservation form.
Gps is in English, German, Italian, French, Russian and several other languages. Our staff will helpyou to set it up.


-How can l order baby/child or booster seats?
There is a choice in the reservation form. Just click what kind and how many of seats you need and we will manage to be in your car. You can add on the comment box also the age, height and weight of you baby/child or kid.

Booster seat (15-36 kg)  for ages 3,5 -6


car rental baby seat

Baby seat (0-18 kg) for ages 0-3,5


-If my flight will be delayed for a few hours will there be penalties?
If your flight has been delayed our staff will wait for you at the airport, whatever time with no extra cost.


-Are smoking and animals allowed in the car?
Smoking and animals/pets are not allowed in the rental car.


-Can l have a car driver (chauffeur) if l do not want to drive?
Yes, of course. Please let us know your request by e-mail or telephone and we will tell you the cost and availability.

Terms’ questions

-What shall l do in case of breakdown, accident, crash, damage or a hit?
You have to stop immediatly the car and give us a call.


-Can l ferry the car out of Corfu?
Yes, there is a choice in the reservation form and must have a written authorization from our company.Taking the car out of the national borders of Greece is prohibited.

 -What is your fuel policy?
Our company’s policy is simple, the level of tank you get the car the same level you have to bring it back.

-What is your cancellation policy?
Our cancellation policy is very simple.You can cancel the car through e-mail or telephone with any charge any time before your arrival.


-Can I change my booking?
Yes, of course. You can contact us through e-mail anytime and we will manage your change.


-Is my country's driving license accepted or l need international?
When picking the car up, the main driver and any additional drivers will need to provide a valid, original car driving license in their name.

Accepted Driving licenses:

a) All original, valid driving licenses
from countries of the European Union (EU) are accepted.

EU members

A – Austria
B – Belgium, Bulgaria
C – Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia
D – Denmark
E – Estonia
F – Finland, France
G – Germany, Greece
H – Hungary
I – Italy, Ireland
L – Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg
M – Malta
N – Netherlands
P – Poland, Portugal
R – Romania
S – Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

*UK driving license is OK to drive in Greece after brexit.

b) All original, valid card type driving licenses from the below countries are also accepted.

A – Australia, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan
B – Brazil, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bahrain, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
C- Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba
G – Georgia
I – Iceland, Israel, Iran
K - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait
L – Liechtenstein
M – Monaco, Montenegro, Moldova, Mexico, Mongolia
N – Norway, North Macedonia
P - Peru
Q - Qatar
R – Russia
S – Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Switzerland, South Africa, Senegal
T – Turkey, The Bahamas, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia
U –USA, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Uzbekistan

c) For all others an International Driver’s license is required
(which is very easy and simple to issue online in short time).
Up on your pick up you have to show both of the Country’s driving license
and the International car license(in original form not in scan or photocopy). If your country does not issue an International license, you have to bring a certificate translation
of your County’s car driving license in English or Greek together with your driving license to be able to drive.

Photocopies or scans of license are not accepted.

Driver/s should hold a driving license for at least two (2) years to be able to drive.

If you are not sure if your driving license is ok,
before booking please contact us through email or telephone for more information
(it is preferred also to send a photo by email of your license both sides to be checked).
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